Our story or how we ended creating the most authentic Barcelona experiences

Authentic Barcelona ExperiencesOur story begins when we, Cristina and Guillermo, met back in 2011. Our passion for travel and food brought us together and our wanderlust only grew stronger as we lost ourselves in conversations about all the places we wanted to visit together.

It wasn’t long until our conversations became a reality… In the summer of 2012 we both quit our jobs, left our shared flats and bought a one-way ticket to Kathmandu.


Slowing down

During our first month of travelling, we did things by the book…

But once we arrived in Burma, we decided to try something a little different…

Getting off the beaten track became our priority.

We met a local family in Yangon and stayed with them for a few nights. Although only spending a short time with them, we felt so involved in local life, it served as an awakening for both of us.

We were sad to leave them but we were leaving with our hearts filled with love and a new taste for travel.

It was then that we decided to make the most of this trip…

We wanted to share as many authentic moments with locals and truly immerse ourselves in each destination.

We hadn’t realized it yet, but we had started to slow travel.


Barcelona Like a local


We stopped filling our days with must-sees…

Instead, we slowed down and enjoyed each day as it came.

We used slow means of transport like boats, buses and bikes, and took in the views along the way.

Looking back on almost a year of travelling, the best experiences we had were when we shared genuine moments with local people, especially when these experiences involved food.

Our journey also opened our eyes to the effects of global warming which, sadly, were visible in every place we visited.

These two learnings put our way of living “back then” into perspective.


Coming home

In 2013, we came back to Barcelona with a new dream…

We wanted to offer authentic and sustainable cooking experiences to travellers from around the world.

We wanted them to discover the Catalan culture, just as we had discovered the cultures of the local people who hosted us during our trip.

Our dream meant making some adjustments to our lifestyle.

We wanted the environment to play an important role in all of the decisions we would make in our personal and professional lives.

So, we started by recycling some old furniture to create a unique chemical-free cooking school in our new home.

In 2014, we updated our kitchen with sustainable utensils and appliances.

Before we knew it, we were ready for our first cooking guests.

Barcelona Slow Travel
We upcycled a door to create a cooking table 🙂
Barcelona Slow Travel
It was hard to make…


Tapas Experience I Barcelona Slow Travel
But definitely worth it!

Together, we cooked traditional Catalan and Spanish dishes, using Cristina’s family recipes and fresh local ingredients from the market.


Stepping out of the kitchen

We started to take trips to the Catalan countryside to look for small, local organic suppliers…

By the end of 2015, we had already sourced incredible olive oils, fleur de sel (sea salt), wines, herbs, cheeses and vegetables…

What started out as a need to improve the quality of the produce used in our classes, soon turned into a new passion.

To this day we are constantly looking for new, independent suppliers to work with.

Tapas Experience I Barcelona Slow Travel


Plenty of our cooking guests shared our passion for responsible and sustainable produce.

They showed interest in meeting the suppliers and visiting the shops we were sourcing our ingredients from…

It was then, that we understood that Barcelona Slow Travel could offer much more than just authentic cooking experiences..

We decided we wanted to create a stronger connection between travellers and the “slow life” in Barcelona

We started creating new experiences...

And soon after we launched a customized travel planning service that offered recommendations on places to visit and eat in line with the “slow food” ethos.


Slow and steady

Barcelona Slow Travel has evolved and we now have a selection of more than 10 experiences, all of them tested and verified to comply with our guidelines.

We are often behind the creation of those experiences, as we partner with local, passionate guides to co-create and promote activities and tours that are 100% authentic, sustainable and local.

We are constantly surprised by the abundance of incredible ideas of truly slow and sustainable experiences that our local partners share with us.

This serves as a motivation for us to keep extending the slow travel family and to try and change the tourism industry in Barcelona, mostly promoting mass tourism.

Barcelona Slow Travel
Cristina & Guillermo, Barcelona Slow Travel founders


We challenged ourselves to something new during the winter-spring 2018…

We would like travellers visiting Barcelona to go deeper…

And to get a better understanding of the always growing problematic of mass tourism in town…

That’s why we created some free resources and guides to give travellers unique tips on how to travel in an authentic way in Barcelona and its surroundings, and how to stay away from mass tourism.


It all starts with our free Ebook 7 Barcelona Hidden Gems even Locals don’t know about.





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16 November, 2017
[…] Our story or how we ended creating the most authentic Barcelona experiences […]
16 November, 2017
[…] Our story or how we ended creating the most authentic Barcelona experiences […]
16 November, 2017
[…] Our story or how we ended creating the most authentic Barcelona experiences […]

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