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Private Cooking Class in Barcelona


Private 6-hour Farm To Table Experience

Private cooking class at a farmhouse

High-end tastings of organic food and drinks

Authentic experience off the tourist radar


Are you looking for a private cooking class in Barcelona, allowing you to truly experience the Catalan gastronomy? Let us come to pick you up directly at your accommodation and drive you shortly to our favorite farmhouse into the Barcelona countryside. There, we have set the most magical and unique hands-on cooking experience, far away from a regular cooking class in Barcelona. You’ll be met by the owner of the farmhouse, who will give you a brief introduction about the house and his projects. Then, we’ll take you to the organic farming fields to learn about the traditional regional crops. We’ll then harvest our own seasonal vegetables and wild herbs to be cooked later on. We’ll also see a small-scale chicken house, where we’ll pick our own eggs to use for the dessert. After we have gathered all our fresh ingredients, we’ll start the cooking class. Prepare to discover our best traditional dishes, all made using your chef’s own family recipes. We might be making calçots (the amazing Catalan onions) in winter, mountain rice and/or fideua (the Catalan noodle seafood paella) in summer. We can also cook traditional meat stews, omelet with wild asparagus (in spring), chicken with apple or other great local delicacies. We can also create a fully vegetarian and/or vegan menu, inspired by our traditional regional recipes. Since this is a private cooking class, you get to fully customize your menu between our seasonal menu options, choosing a combination of 1 starter, 1 main dish, and 1 dessert to be cooked. Using healthy, traditional family recipes and local, seasonal and organic ingredients, you’ll discover the real Barcelona cuisine just like we cook it at home. The harvesting time will be of 30 minutes, the cooking class will last some 2 hours, and then another hour will be dedicated for lunch or dinner. Just like a Barcelona family, you’ll sit at the table with your host and eat the dishes together while exchanging stories and laughter. Fine regional small-batch wines will be offered to you both when cooking and as food pairings to celebrate your creations. And your host and new local friend will most likely also invite you for an aperitif or a digestif (or both!) from the family reserve. He always has some impressive treats for his guests! If the weather allows, we’ll cook and eat outside as much as possible, so that we can enjoy the beautiful views and quietness of the countryside. In the rare event of a rainy or stormy day, you’ll be able to enjoy the inside of a traditional Catalan farmhouse, which is several centuries old (!!!) and which has been restored lately to offer modern comfort and a unique atmosphere. Please note that this Farm To Table Cooking Class in Barcelona is fully private for your group, fully hand’s on and fully customizable. We can even add an extra 2-hour visit to a nearby (slightly) larger farm to meet with the friendliest local organic farmers and make this experience a full-day one. If you’re into cooking, farming and/or enjoying authentic local experiences, do not miss out on this unique opportunity! We have very limited availabilities and highly recommend to request and book well in advance.


1. This private farm to table cooking class in Barcelona is a totally unique hand's on cooking and eating experience, getting you up close with the Catalan local life.  You’ll probably get your hands and shoes dirty, and have one of the best times of your holiday in Spain. This is a real cultural and human experience, and we highly recommend it to families with children, groups of friends and couples that want a truly unique cooking experience in Barcelona. 2. Almost 100% of the ingredients we use come from regional, small-scale organic farms & producers. If you’re into wine and olive oil, and meeting with local producers, then you should seriously consider our Beyond Montserrat Tour and/or our Penedes Wine Tour as well.


Starting Time:  3 p.m. (winter) or 4 p.m. (summer)

Length: 6 hours 

Available: Every day


-- 6-hour private experience guided by an expert in local wine and food

-- Transportation with pick-up from and drop-off to your hotel

-- Private, fully hands-on harvesting, cooking and eating experience at the farmhouse including:

-- Visits of the organic garden, harvesting of fresh seasonal vegetables and eggs, and picking seasonal wild herbs all of which will then be used later on in the meal 

-- Insights into the countryside farmhouse life

-- Fully hands on cooking experience

-- 100% organic, farm to table ingredients

-- 3-course traditional meal

-- Fine selection of premium regional organic wines

-- Recipes on PDF


An extended organic farm visit is available on request (see our Farm to Table Cooking Experience which is the full-day, 8-hour version of this experience).

  • How do I book an experience?
    Request a booking: On each of our experiences pages, you will find a request button leading to a contact form. Simply complete the form and we’ll get back to you with further information and a quote. A partial or full payment is always required to confirm your booking.
  • Do you offer small-group tours?
    At the moment, we only offer fully private experiences. However, we're working on multi-day trips that will be made available on a small-group tour basis. To learn more about it and when we launch that new format, make sure to sign up to our Newsletter.
  • Do you accept large groups?
    Yes, we accept groups up to 60 people. For groups over 20 people, we recommend booking well in advance as we will modify our experiences to better adapt to your group size. Please fill up our request form and we'll get back to you with a personalized offer.
  • What if I have dietary restrictions?
    We are very comfortable when it comes to adapting our menus and food offerings. We can cater to all types of dietary restrictions, preferences and allergies. Please add a note to your request and we'll confirm we can cater to you before booking.
  • What should I bring?
    Comfortable clothes and shoes, and depending on the season and expected weather, sun protection and a rain jacket when rain is expected. We will provide everything else for the experience. So, bring your best smile and get ready to enjoy!
  • How can I customize my experience?
    Each and every one of our experiences will be personalized to your tastes, needs and previous experiences. We customize our itineraries and visits for our customers thanks to a quick process of customization that takes place right after booking.
  • What is the minimum age?
    Although we welcome children all ages for this experience, we would recommend it for children aged 14+. See instead our Private Cooking Class in Barcelona for children of all ages, as well as our Montserrat, Wine & Olive Oil Tour for children over 8 years old.
  • Who is this experience suitable for?
    Groups of friends and couples willing to experience a unique food tour in Barcelona. Companies are welcome too.
  • What is the minimum age?
    We welcome children of all ages, however, this definitely isn't our most children-friendly experience. We would recommend instead our Farm To Table Cooking Experience for children of all ages, as well as our Montserrat, Wine & Olive Oil Tour for children over 8 years old.
  • Who is this experience suitable for?
    Families, groups of friends and couples willing to experience a wine tour in the Penedes. Students and companies are welcome too.
  • What is the minimum age?
    We welcome children of all ages, however, our regular format for our Montserrat, Wine & Olive Oil Tour that includes the boutique winery isn't the most children-friendly experience. Instead, we can offer our Private Olive Oil Tour in Barcelona. Success guaranteed for the whole family! Otherwise, our Private Cooking Class in Barcelona as well as our Farm To Table Cooking Experience will be enjoyed by children of all ages.
  • Who is this experience suitable for?
    Families, groups of friends and couples willing to experience a unqieu Montserrat experience. Students and companies are welcome too.
  • Who is this experience suitable for?
    Families, groups of friends and couples willing to experience a unique farm to table cooking class in Barcelona. Students and companies are welcome too.
  • What if I am not an expert cook?
    Our cooking experiences are suitable for all levels. Make sure you let us know about your level, especially if you’re experienced in the kitchen, as we have many available options to further dive into Catalan cuisine and cook complex dishes.
  • Can I choose what we will cook?
    Yes, of course! During the customization process, we'll send you a menu suggestion with several seasonal options for each course for you to create a unique menu.
  • What is the minimum age?
    Our cooking experiences are children friendly, which means there is no minimum age required to participate. Children aged 0 to 3 years old may join for free if a baby seat is available and as long as there is space available in the vehicle offered for the experience. If there is no space available and we need to use a larger vehicle, an extra fee will be required. Note that no food or drinks are included for babies 0 to 3 years joining for free in our experiences. Parents will need to make their own arrangements to take care of their babies and will be fully responsible for them during the duration of the experience.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    We accept credit cards only for online payments. We do not have a credit card terminal, so if you still need to pay something the day of the experience please bring some cash with you.
  • When should I do the experience?
    During the experience, we show you and tell you many things about the local lifestyle in Barcelona. We often give personal recommendations or tips to dive in the local life that many of our guests enjoy during the next days of their stay. That’s why we recommend you to book our experiences at the beginning of your stay in Barcelona.
  • Where can I find the price of the experience?
    To receive a quote, you first need to contact us through our request form and fill in all the details needed.
  • Can I just show up on the day of the experience?
    No, only bookings arranged by email with us and following our terms and conditions will guarantee you an experience with us.
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    All our experiences happen rain or shine. In case of anticipated rain, try to bring with you a raincoat and appropriate clothes. We will always try to make our best to adapt the experience to any external conditions. We would only cancel a booking if the weather could be dangerous (storm or natural disaster, very unlikely!). In the case we can not reschedule and decide to cancel the tour, we would fully refund you.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    If Barcelona Slow Travel has to cancel an experience for any reason, all amounts paid by the customer to Barcelona Slow Travel will be fully refunded. If the cancellation is made by the customer 48 hours or less before the beginning of the experience, or in the case of a no-show, Barcelona Slow Travel will not issue any refund. If the cancellation is made more than 48 hours and less than 15 days before the beginning of the experience, 50% of the total price of the experience will be refunded to the customer by Barcelona Slow Travel. In case the customer and Barcelona Slow Travel find a common agreement, a change of date can be offered to the customer for a small extra amount. If the cancellation is made more than 15 days before the beginning of the experience, 80% of the total price of the experience will be refunded to the customer by Barcelona Slow Travel. In case the customer and Barcelona Slow Travel find a common agreement, a change of date can be offered to the customer for a small extra amount (or at no extra charge in some cases, when the cancelation is made well in advance). Exceptions: for most sights entrances, the cancellation policies are very strict and the bookings cannot be modified or refunded. In those cases of private tours including sights, the entrances already booked cannot be refunded by Barcelona Slow Travel to the customer.

What they say about this experience:

"This was our third private tour with Barcelona Slow Travel. And our second producers tour with a farm visit followed by a cooking experience at a magical hilltop farm. This time we had Guillermo as our guide and he is attentive, funny, knows all about Catalan food, culture and the wonderful places that surround Barcelona. Both Guillermo and Cristina have put hours of work into creating experiences that are both fun and informative, and provide a deep dive into local culture. You come home fed and content. We'll be back again for sure!" ~ Douglas L. "A lovely experience, from the very start (initial planning emails) to the very end (a post-travel email with recipes of the dishes we'd prepared). Everything just went so smoothly, which is probably what we wish for most on vacation. Beyond the cooking instruction, we were able to take in so much about the land, history, and culture. I also appreciated the easy vegan accommodation!" ~Laina B. "This was a day that we were looking forward to for a long time and still it exceeded our expectations. It was amazing to have such a tender, authentic visit with the farmers and the farmhouse where we did the cooking felt like heaven. I wish we could have spent more of our days in Barcelona with Guillermo. He was such a comfortable person to be with and it was delightful to participate in the relationships he had with the farmers. The food we made was incredible and the whole process is something I will remember forever." ~Kathryn B.

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