You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Barcelona Slow Travel by doing one or more of the following actions:

  • Accessing the website.
  • Booking an experience even if the booking has been made through a third party company.
  • Participating in an experience offered by Barcelona Slow Travel, even if the already stated experience is free or if the client has been invited by Barcelona Slow Travel.
  • Receiving and using any advice provided by Barcelona Slow Travel during one of the already stated experiences, through any of the services offered on the Barcelona Slow Travel Website or through any official communication channel (social media, online publications, email, phone, etc.).

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions then you are not entitled to do one of the above-mentioned actions.

Payment of the experiences

Barcelona Slow Travel requires a full payment (or a deposit of 50% of the total amount in certain cases) in order to confirm a booking.

Payments instructions will be given by Barcelona Slow Travel upon booking. We usually use Wise to receive payments, which we found to be the safest and best option to receive payments in foreign currencies. We may also set up a regular bank transfer for people owning a bank account in Euros.

In the case of only paying a deposit, the balance of the total cost is to be paid following Barcelona Slow Travel’s instructions. Barcelona Slow Travel does not hold any date for a customer when receiving a booking request. A date only gets blocked for a customer when the payment has been completed following Barcelona Slow Travel payment instructions and confirmed by Barcelona Slow travel to the customer. 

Refund policy

If Barcelona Slow Travel has to cancel an experience for any reason, all amounts paid by the customer to Barcelona Slow Travel will be fully refunded.

If the cancellation is made by the customer 48 hours or less before the beginning of the experience, or in the case of a no-show, Barcelona Slow Travel will not issue any refund.

If the cancellation is made more than 48 hours and less than 15 days before the beginning of the experience, 50% of the total price of the experience will be refunded to the customer by Barcelona Slow Travel. In case the customer and Barcelona Slow Travel find a common agreement, a change of date can be offered to the customer for a small extra amount.

If the cancellation is made more than 15 days before the beginning of the experience, 80% of the total price of the experience will be refunded to the customer by Barcelona Slow Travel. In case the customer and Barcelona Slow Travel find a common agreement, a change of date can be offered to the customer for a small extra amount (or at no extra charge in some cases, when the cancelation is made well in advance). The change of date can be issued as a credit with a limited duration in time for customers that do not know yet when they’ll be able to reschedule their booking with us.

Bookings made through third-party websites or companies

Barcelona Slow Travel does not take any responsibility for the content published by third party websites or companies.

Bookings made through a third-party website or company do not apply to the Barcelona Slow Travel Refund Policy. Customers who have made the already stated booking are bound by the rest of the Barcelona Slow Travel terms and conditions.

What responsibilities do I assume as a customer?

Customers are responsible for having or contracting their own personal insurance policy to assist them in case of injury and/or death while doing one of the experiences offered by Barcelona Slow Travel.

Barcelona Slow Travel assumes no responsibility for injury or death for customers who did or did not contract such insurance.

Customers are responsible for communicating any food allergies, physical, mental or emotional limitations to Barcelona Slow Travel prior to doing the experience.

Note that if you book an experience for someone else, then you will make choices for that person(s).

Customers are responsible for looking after their personal belongings during the whole experience. Please, be aware that Barcelona is known for problems with pickpockets (thieves) and for this reason customers should be careful all the time with their personal belongings.

Customers are required to arrive/show up on time to start the experience. It is strongly recommended that you be ready 10 minutes before the starting time to avoid creating a delay in the experience. If a customer is late and therefore misses part of an experience or even the whole experience, Barcelona Slow Travel will not offer any kind of compensation or refund for that experience.

What are Barcelona Slow Travel limitations of liability?

Barcelona Slow Travel is not liable for body injury, accidental death, property damage or theft as a result of: falling, forces of nature, travel by car, train, bicycle, foot or other form of active travel, consumption of alcoholic beverages, civil unrest, terrorism, weather, any kind of natural disaster, breakdown of equipment, lack or limited access to medical attention in remote areas, and the adequacy of medical attention once provided.

Barcelona Slow Travel is not liable for additional expenses a customer may incur as a result of a late start and/or late return.

Customers of Barcelona Slow Travel give permission to take pictures or to make videos of the experiences for marketing purposes.

Copyrights & trademark

Barcelona Slow Travel is a registered trademark. The written content displayed on this website is owned by its respective author and may not be reproduced in whole or in part, without the express written permission of the author.

Barcelona Slow Travel reserves the right to revise and modify the terms and conditions at any time. Such revision will be effective immediately upon posting it on our website.

Privacy policy

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